I Got Laid Off

Well it happened to me.

I got laid off today. Yesterday, I received an email from my skip-level manager for a 1 on 1 for today. One of my teammates alerted me that my manager had been laid off on Monday. Given that information, we all knew our team was being impacted by layoffs.

I came into the office today to walk the plank, and I have to say that it was one of the most depressing feelings I have ever felt; sitting there watching my teammates get laid off one by one, and then myself.

After 2.5 years of working on the Heterogeneous-Memory Storage Engine, my time at Micron has come to an end. Unfortunately it wasn’t on my terms. I really enjoyed this job. When I was in the job market, I was on the hunt for an open source systems software job, and this job was the perfect fit. The hardest part of this layoff is going to be trying to find another opportunity that I like just as much. I mean it when I say that I genuinely enjoyed coming to work. Not everyone gets to have the feeling.

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