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Brainstorming Async Rust's Shiny Future

On March 18th, we announced the start of the Async Vision Doc process. Since then, we've landed 24 "status quo" stories and we have 4 more stories in open PRs; Ryan Levick and I have also hosted more than ten collaborative writing sessions ove…

via Rust Blog April 14, 2021

Mozilla partners with NVIDIA to democratize and diversify voice technology

As technology makes massive shift to voice-enabled products, NVIDIA invests $1.5 million in Mozilla Common Voice to transform the voice recognition landscape  Over the next decade, speech is expected to … Read more The post Mozilla partners with NVIDIA to …

via The Mozilla Blog April 12, 2021

The Developer Certificate of Origin is a great alternative to a CLA

Today Amazon released their fork of ElasticSearch, OpenSearch, and I want to take a moment to draw your attention to one good decision in particular: its use of the Developer Certificate of Origin (or “DCO”). Previously: ElasticSearch does not belong to Elast…

via Drew DeVault's blog April 12, 2021

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