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Go on ARM and Beyond

The industry is abuzz about non-x86 processors recently, so we thought it would be worth a brief post about Go’s support for them. It has always been important to us for Go to be portable, not overfitting to any particular operating sys…

via The Go Programming Language Blog December 17, 2020

Rust Survey 2020 Results

Greetings Rustaceans! Another year has passed, and with it comes another annual Rust survey analysis! The survey was conducted in the second half of September 2020 over a two-week period. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s survey w…

via Rust Blog December 16, 2020

Status update, December 2020

Hi all! This status update is the 24th one, so it’s been 2 years I’ve started writing those now (ignoring a little hiatus). Time flies! This month I’ve invested a lot of time into wlroots. My main focus has been renderer v6, which has now been internally rol…

via emersion December 16, 2020

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